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Here's some quick Azur Lane tips on what NOT to do as a beginner or in general, hope you enjoy! Timestamps:Introduction - 0:00Don't Do's:The Golden Bulin Mis....

The Munitions Shop, or Shiranui's Shop, is where you can spend Coins, Merit, Core Data, and Event points for Equipment, Equipment Boxes, Skillbooks, Cubes, Food, Upgrade Parts and Ships. Tapping on the shop stalls in the Academy will take you to the General Shop tab of the Munitions Shop. Alternatively, tapping Shop on the bottom …More and more people are getting caught driving illegally in the carpool lanes. By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsletters and promotions from Money and its partners. I a...Convenience update 100/100 Support me by becoming a member in my community Follow my social med...

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Subreddit for the Azur Lane franchise. Open menu Open navigation Go to Reddit Home. r/AzureLane A chip A close button. Reddit Recap Reddit Recap. Get app Get the Reddit app Log In Log in to Reddit. Expand user menu Open settings menu. ... Atago or Takao who are part of regular construction plus being available in the medal shop from time to time.Welcome to Yostar Official Store! You could find the merchadise of all published games from Yostar including Azur Lane, Arknights, Mahjong Soul, etc.6 comments. Best. icequeen12 • 5 yr. ago. Merit: Save up for South and Eld (20,000 Merits) Medals: Save up for Rotation of SSR Ships (80 Medals) 6. Reply. khanhbill Belfast (waifu) • 5 yr. ago. which one should I buy first, South or Eld?Uncharted Summer. Event stories. Uncharted Summer. All Servers. Start date. May 25th, 2023. End date. June 14th, 2023. Explore Seabreeze Island to play minigames to get great rewards including limited furniture and gear skins.

this is probably good long-term, less characters in the pools and more characters on other, more consistent pools. also since we have only seen medal and drop golds get a ur retrofit, this might allow for more characters to get a retrofit once they hit other pools (although 3 characters might not be a pattern, and only a couple of golds are gaining a non-gacha …THIS GUIDE IS DEPRECIATED. Please refer to other sources for guides. If you have not yet downloaded the game, please refer to Getting Started. For common questions ...April 22, 2024: Kongou μ enters our Azur Lane tier list. Currently on the lookout for the best Azur Lane tier list? You're in the right place. Azur Lane is filled with real historical ships reimagined as anime girls. It was released in 2017, but the developers have already released numerous characters for battle.I decided to show the best 3 ships in each category for fleet technology. I hope this is helpful to the new gamers.Takao. When this ship fires its Main Guns: 15% (30%) chance to deal double DMG with its Main Guns. Increases FP by 5% (15%). When this ship fires her Main Guns: 15% (30%) chances to double the DMG dealt by that attack. Every 10s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). (Replaces Focused Assault)

From Azur Lane Wiki. ... Notes: Available in the Medal Shop for 80 Medal of Honor Available from Requisition for Medal of Honor Not available in CN Drop History: Removed from Light Pool on 11/17/22 Available in Limited Construction during the "Winter's Crown Rerun" event: List of Ships;Conclusion. And that is all for the all-new and rerun contents from the Azur Lane maintenance update that happened on 17th November 2022. And there are so many things to grab with the new changes. Take your chance and be the best with the use of the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9 as well. And enjoy your offers before the limited time ends.Exercise (PvP) are matches where players create a fleet to fight the fleets of other players. Players can run a maximum of 10 exercises per day. In Exercise, players can set a formation and use it to fight another player's Defense Fleet. Both the Defense Fleet and the Offense Fleet will be controlled by the AI and cannot be interacted with by the player. Before being able to take part in an ... ….

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TWITCH: http://gerdo.myspreadshop.comTWITTER: Retire the dupe. Notable exception is Cassin/Downes; you -may optionally- want two of each, one to MLB, the other to keep 0LB for lower farm fleets. No: Keep the dupe for future LB; retire if dock space isn't sufficient and you aren't planning to use the ship. 1. goldxphoenix.Today we will be talking about the battle cruiser for the Royal Navy, HMS Hood. There aren't many battlecruisers in Azur Lane; Hood stands out for more than just one of the few battlecruisers. I'll be comparing her stats against the only battlecruiser for its rarity, Amagi. Contents1 Hood VS Amagi1.1 Stat Comparison1.2 Equipment Comparison2 […]

Avrora's medal exchange. Take out Eugen and Sandy and you've got Sandy server SRs. We've been pretty lucky with ours. Too bad I didn't get those 80medals for Enterprise on time. At this point, Sandy is the only construction SR I don't have. Hoping we get her next.The Perfect Product Awaits You! Search for Something Else! Get Azur Lane Kashino: Hot Springs Relaxation Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure on the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop. Orders of $150+ Get FREE Shipping! santikos entertainment mayan palace In Azur Lane, Ayanami is a unique destroyer with impulsive damage output. Although she is offense-oriented like Z23, she has an exclusive focus on torpedoes. While her Gun and AA efficiencies are ... lindsey nelson seating chartdish scapes christmas For years, plus-size women have struggled to find lingerie that fits well and makes them feel confident. But thanks to Lane Bryant, this is no longer the case. Lane Bryant was foun...Iron Blood. The Iron Blood ( cn : 铁血, jp : 鉄血, kr : 메탈 블러드) is one of the major nations in Azur Lane and represent the Imperial German Navy prior to World War II and the Kriegsmarine during World War II. They are allied with the Crimson Axis, who represent the Axis powers from World War II, comprising of the Sakura Empire ... jacob firestone highland park il Le Triomphant. Skills. Radiant Iris. CN: 鸢尾之光. JP: 輝くアイリス. When main gun damages the same target, own Reload is increased by 20% (40%). Can be stacked up to 4 times; skill can only be activated every 1s. If target is switched, the buff is canceled. (Augment Module) Radiant Iris+.3-2. Useful Equipment: Steam Catapult, 127mm Single, SB2C Helldiver, 152mm Single. Useful Ships: Starter Collection, Charles Ausburne, Souryuu and Hiryuu (Dragons) Easily one of the best early-game farming maps. What 2-2 gives you in ship drops, 3-2 gives you in equipment drops. fareway marshalltown iowastaar released tests 2017atrium health wake forest baptist family medicine piedmont plaza EN client: Snow-Melting Summer: Permanently available: CN client: 冰雪消融的夏日: Limited: JP client: 氷溶ける夏: Permanently available: Obtained fromSouth Dakota. Skills. The Strongest Shield [1] CN: 最强之盾. JP: 最強の盾. 15s after the battle starts and every 25s afterwards, absorbs 50% of damage taken by the Main Fleet for 10s. At the end of the effect, heals for 20% (50%) of the damage taken and increase own Firepower by 4% (10%) (stacks up to 3 times) (Augment Module) The ... mexican restaurants hartwell ga The camo pack might be worthwhile but it includes camos for ships you need to buy (Indomitable for example) or grind and at least two camos for ships no longer available in-game (Enterprise and Belfast) You are better off spending that money in admiral packs in Azur Lane or buying skins for the NA anniversary in August. 15.Event Ship. U-556 META can be obtained the three normal ways an event's shop ship can: buying her in the shop, as a drop from B3 or D3, or from construction. You can also buy her crystals in the event shop, and you will be able to buy them from the new META shop when the event is over. how to highlight in edgenuity2007 honda accord refrigerant capacityhow to use a proheat pet bissell carpet cleaner While this ship is afloat: decreases the DMG your Main Fleet takes from enemy aircraft by 5% (15%). Increases this ship's FP by 10% (30%) of its total AA stat (base stat plus extra stats gained from gears). ↑ North Carolina was known for shooting down numerous Japanese aircraft while providing support for USS Enterprise and USS Saratoga ...